Vinyl records (remember those?) and/or CDs mixed live and streamed over the internet, from my livingroom, to my servers, and then to your computers! Check out the chat link or jump on EFnet channel #Erik to chat with me during my set :) Enjoy!

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Every Thursday night! 9pm-11pm (chill music starts at 8pm)

2005-10-06 Stuff
2005-09-29 OFFLINE
2005-09-22 OFFLINE On Hiatus until further notice
2005-09-22 Erik: psy psy
2005-09-15 Erik: Psyyy
2005-09-08 Erik: Pre-Recorded Show Tonight
2005-09-01 Erik: psy psy psy
2005-08-25 Erik: STARTING LATE psychedelic trance
2005-08-18 Erik: mostly trance and progressive-psy
2005-08-11 Erik: trance and psy
2005-08-04 Erik: downtempo / chill
2005-07-28 Erik: psytrance
2005-07-21 Erik: trance and psy
2005-07-14 Erik: trance and psy
2005-07-07 Erik: trance and psy
2005-06-30 Erik: trance and psy
2005-06-23 Erik: progressive and psytrance
2005-06-16 Erik: trance
2005-06-02 Erik: tba..
2005-05-26 Erik: trance
2005-05-19 OFFLINE: MOVING
2005-05-12 Erik: Trance and Psy
2005-05-05 Erik: Trance and Psy
2005-04-28 Erik: Trance and Psy
2005-04-21 Erik: Progressive and psy
2005-04-14 Erik: Progressive and psy
2005-04-07 Erik: Progressive and psy
2005-03-31 Erik: progressive and psy
2005-03-24 Erik: progressive and psy
2005-03-17 Erik: progressive and psy
2005-03-10 Erik: progressive-psy
2005-03-04 Erik: Special event: Psytrance
2005-03-03 Erik: progressive-psy and psytrance
2005-02-24 Erik: progressive-psy and psytrance
2005-02-17 Erik: Trance and psytrance
2005-02-10 Erik: Trance and Psytrance
2005-02-03 Erik: Trance and Psytrance
2005-01-27 Erik: Trance and Psytrance
2005-01-20 Erik: Trance and Psytrance
2005-01-13 OFFLINE: SICK :(
2005-01-06 Erik: Trance and Psytrance
2004-12-30 Erik: TBA
2004-12-23 Erik: trance and psytrance
2004-12-16 Erik: progressive, progressive-psy, then psy
2004-12-09 Erik: dark progressive/deeptrance then PSY
2004-12-02 Erik: trance
2004-11-25 OFFLINE: Thanksgiving
2004-11-18 Erik: Psy
2004-11-11 Erik: Psy
2004-11-04 Erik: trance
2004-10-28 Erik: PSY
2004-10-21 Erik: psy
2004-10-14 Erik: PSY
2004-10-07 Erik: psy
2004-09-30 Erik: psy
2004-09-23 Erik: psy
2004-09-16 Erik: proggressive
2004-09-08 Erik: PSY
2004-09-02 Erik: PSY
2004-08-26 OFFLINE: Business Trip To Michigan
2004-08-19 Erik: progressive
2004-08-14 Erik: Psy
2004-08-05 Erik: Progressive -> psy
2004-07-29 Erik: Psy Psy Psy
2004-07-22 OFFLINE: Out at Astral Projection!!
2004-07-15 Erik: Progressive -> Psy
2004-07-08 Erik: Psy
2004-07-01 Erik: Progressive
2004-06-24 Erik: Progressive into Psy
2004-06-17 Erik: Progressive
2004-06-10 OFFLINE: couldn't get home in time
2004-06-03 Erik: progressive
2004-05-27 Erik: Psy
2004-05-20 Erik: Progressive
2004-05-13 Erik: psy
2004-05-06 Erik: progressive-psy
2004-04-29 Erik: psy
2004-04-15 Erik: progressive-psy
2004-04-08 Erik: psy
2004-04-01 Erik: psy psy psy
2004-03-25 Erik: Trance
2004-03-18 Erik: Psy
2004-03-11 Erik: desert trance
2004-03-04 Paul: Special guest paul with great jazz and house influenced beats
2004-02-26 Erik: Eclectic mishmash of this and that
2004-02-19 Erik: Psy
2004-02-12 Erik: Minimalistic Trance
2004-02-05 Erik: Psy
2004-01-28 Erik: BACK AGAIN: Trance :>

2003-03-28 Erik: LAST SHOW until further notice
2003-03-20 OFFLINE
2003-03-13 Erik: House maybe? w/ webcam
2003-03-06 Erik: TBA w/ webcam
2003-02-27 Erik: psy w/ webcam
2003-02-20 Erik: oldkool house beatz w/ webcam
2003-02-13 Erik: some oldchool trance w/ webcam
2003-02-06 Erik: tech night :] w/ webcam
2003-01-30 Chris Wren: Special Guest Chris Wren (Club Rubber, AD, The World Party) Bedrock set w/ Webcam
2003-01-24 Erik: Psynight w/ webcam
2003-01-16 Erik: Trance-ish techish (progressive tech?) w/ webcam
2003-01-09 Erik: Housey doin's w/ webcam
2003-01-02 Erik: Psy night w/ webcam :]
2002-12-26 Erik: House and tech webcam + Acoustic guitar/song by Erik!
2002-12-19 Erik: z2e becomes ecclectic
2002-12-12 Erik: TBA...
2002-12-05 Erik: 604 night Psy Psy Psy
2002-11-28 OFFLINE Happy Thanksgiving and stuff! :]
2002-11-21 Erik: Tech night
2002-11-14 Erik, Damien: 9:00pm-10:00pm: Erik Ecclectic Mix, 10:00pm-11:30pm: Erik Vs. Damien Special 2x4 set w/ WEBCAM
2002-11-07 Erik: House again :D
2002-10-31 OFFLINE shoutcast OFFline tonight for halloween. check back next week!
2002-10-24 Erik: Housey housey with webcam
2002-10-17 Erik: Trance Trance Trance with webcam
2002-10-10 Erik: Psychedelic with webcam
2002-10-03 Erik: House/Trance/Tech/Breaks with webcam
2002-09-26 Erik: Housey with webcam
2002-09-19 Erik: Housey with webcam
2002-09-12 Optimus Prime: Special Guest treating us with some breakz
2002-09-05 Erik, Damien: Special Guest w/ some nice house beats[Erik @ 9pm, Damien @ 10pm] w/ WEBCAM
2002-08-29 Erik: House Beats [no Optimus Prime]
2002-08-22 Erik: Special, REMOTE @ Erik's Office! (waiting for new DSL @ Home)
2002-08-15 Paul (Studio3025), Erik: Special, Tag-Team REMOTE @ Studio 3025 w/ WEBCAM
2002-08-08 Erik: more Oldsk00l trance w/ WEBCAM
2002-08-01 Erik: PSYCHEDELIC old school psy beats w/ WEBCAM
2002-07-25 Erik: ECCLECTIC;] A little bit of everything WEBCAM
2002-07-18 Erik: PSYCHEDELIC ;] 604 night w/ WEBCAM
2002-07-11 Erik: Tech stuffz :]
2002-07-04 Erik: 4th of July HOUSE Set
2002-06-27 Erik: "oldschool" (1995-99) Trance
2002-06-20 Erik: Psychdedelic Trance Night.. Back on the "air" from new Long beach House!
2002-06-13 OFFLINE Still no DSL = (
2002-06-06 OFFLINE Recovering from moving
2002-05-30 OFFLINE Recovering from Our Own Space III
2002-05-23 Paul: Guest Paul (Studio 3025) on the decks with smooth deep and tribal beats
2002-05-16 Erik: Breaks Night.
2002-05-09 Erik vs. Damien: 2x4 set with Damien (2DJs, 4 turntables, 100% Insanity!)
2002-05-02 Erik: Tech Night. Tech Beats that dont seem to end!
2002-04-25 Erik: Psychedelic night. Sounds All Over The place
2002-04-18 Erik: Housey Housey with Trance and Tech influences

Basically, you need to use a media player which can connect to a shoutcast (mp3) stream. Here are two popular ones (one for win, one for linux. If you know a mac one.. let me know):

Winamp For Windows. Install and run. type "ctrl-l" to open location and type in my stream as listed above.

xmms for Linux. Install and run. Type "ctrl-l" to open location and type in my stream as listed above.

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