Revision History

*note* history starts 2002-11-02:
*note* lots of content is being added, so stay tuned, and be patient :} Send me an email if you want to see something on!

Date: Revision:
2008-10-22 Blog added and updated!
2005-08-26 I havnt been updating this rev log at all.... I know... I suck. New pix added to recent
2004-08-14 Added an album and removed pass protection on the "Listen Recorded" section of "Music" Menu
2004-08-14 a ton of updates that aren't documented :(
2003-09-01 Reorganized all Erik Pictures, added some pictures and started putting description
2003-01-19 Added a section (and pictures) for Saved ErikCam Pictures (see ErikCam Archive)
2003-01-15 Posted new pic and note about my hair (see RandomRambles)
2002-11-26 Reposted all ErikPix with my Email address (see RandomRambles)
2002-11-17 Added section Erik4, Added a saturn picture, added a second Photograph Section
2002-11-14 Started Revision Page finally, Added Rant Section to menu (rant content to follow...)
2002-11-11 Put *new* menu system, added LOTS of content, Erik3, Humor, etc ;]