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M*A*S*H Hike

Went hiking in Malibu Creek State Park this past weekend with Nate, Mikey and Pierce.  We ended up at one of the filming sites for the TV Series, M*A*S*H, where you can still find some rusted out army Jeeps.  The hike back took us along the back side of the lake, where we got stuck […]

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The Ducks won 5 – 2 against the Blues at my first ever hocky game tonight at Anaheim.   Was pretty fun, definetly fast paced, except the zamboni parts.

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Holy LCD!

lotsa screens…  I want a workstation like this!   This one is right outside Nate’s office.  It’s apparantly for his whole department to use.   It’s 8x 23″ Apple Cinema Display.

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Holy Flash!

Lotsa flash drives…. for work though, not home!  It was fun opening them all and lining them up though. Going to use them as a backup media for our office administrators.  The 16 GB one in the front is for me 🙂

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