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Red Carpet: Hancock

Pix from the red carpet, Hancock.  It was brought to my attention that my earlier posts were all posted as user “admin” so on some people’s RSS readers, they see my posts as “admin : ” and then the title of the post.  All future posts will be made as user z2e 🙂 Click for […]

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Red Carpet: Stepbrothers

Pix from red carpet premiere for Stepbrothers (I never saw the movie).  Click for larger:

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Red Carpet: You Don’t Mess With the Zohan

Pix from the Zohan red carpet.  This was a fun one 🙂

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Red Carpet: Melissa Etheridge Hard Rock Pinktober

So since i have tons of old red carpets and such that never made it to the web, I’m going to start going back and posting old ones. This is from :  September 30, 2008 – Melissa Ethridge @ Hard Rock (Universal Studios) for the PInktober breast cancer awareness.

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Red Carpet: High School Musical 3

Here are a few pictures from the Red Carpet of High School Musical 3.  For those who follow my twitter, you’ll have already seen some pix from this twittered live with iPhone-a-riffic quality!  (Click for larger) (titles are under pix)

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