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I got a new (used) scanner (thank you, Julie!), so  I had a scanning frenzy. These are all very old pictures of me.. mostly silly ones!  Here are a few from the series.  The entire lot can be seen here: https://z2e.org/scans

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Coronado part 2/2

up until now, because formatting pictures is so hard, i’ve done one picture per line.  On this post i tried to do 2 images per line, but it seems to be impossible.  THe images bunch up and you cant place them, or move them, and its impossible to get a cursor in between them to […]

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Coronado part 1/2

For Julie’s birthday, she wanted to spend the day in Coronado, California with the family.  For those that don’t know, its a small peninsula in San Diego County and is home of the famous Hotel Del Coronado built in 1888.  We all took cameras and spent the day enjoying the beauty around us.  It was […]

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