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Grammy overload part 1/3

So I’m slow… here are pix from my backstage antics @ the Grammys.  It was a fun (and tiring) weekend.  The highlight for me was seeing Coldplay rehearse  Viva La Vida 3 times in a row, with Chris Martin being entertaining with the microphone between each runthrough.

Day 1:  MusiCares Person Of The Year Award Show.  Titles are Above image this time (click for larger):

Kara DioGuardi:

Kara DioGuardi

Pat Boone & Sam Moore:

Neil Diamond:

Neil Diamond:


Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters):

Pierre Cossette:

Anoushka Fisz, Dave Stewart, Christian Audigier, Ira Audigier:

The Jonas Brothers:

David Foster:

Michael Buble:

Nathan “Nash Kato” Katruud (Urge Overkill):

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