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Grammy overload part 2/3

Day 2, Backstage fun:

Backstage food:

Guitars waiting to be signed:

Taylor Swift & Miley Cirus:

Jennifer Hudson’s Dressing Room:

Backstage waiting room (where B.B. King, Buddy Guy and John Mayer rehearsed their performance just minutes after I took the pic):

Me sitting in Jennifer Hudson’s dressing room:

Hair & Makeup:

Another random backstage waiting room:

Keith Urban signing one of the guitars:

Buddy Guy:

Eric with Taylor Swift (She was really sweet!):

Directly behind the stage (the guy is the “mic guy” handing the wireless mics to the performers):

The Jonas Brothers platform (this gets rolled up onto the stage right before their performance):

Coldplay’s Viva piano (omg I had to touch it):

Chris Martin of Coldplay (he was a nice guy!):

Eric with Chris Martin:

Guy Berryman of Coldplay:

Jonny Buckland of Coldplay:

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