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Coachella 2008 2/4

More of my pictures from Coachella 2008..  Roger Waters was definitely my favorite show at Coachella.   Hearing Dark Side Of The Moon in surround sound in an outdoor arena, under such a beautiful desert night sky literally brought tears to my eyes.  It was an amazing experience!

Click for larger:

Me, Nate, Rich:



Van de Graaff generator:

Fans wait for Roger Waters:

Roger Waters takes the stage:

Roger Waters giving a look:

Roger Waters:

Roger Waters:

Roger Waters:

Roger Waters:

Roger Waters:

Roger Waters Stage:

Roger Waters:

Roger Waters  full stage:

Roger Waters, Pink Floyd Pig (it flew away and the finder got a $20,000 reward and lifetime Coachella tickets.. which she split with her neighbor since it landed on both properties):

Roger Waters, Pink Floyd prisim triangle:

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