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Coachella 2009 – Morrissey

So in order to get into the Coachella Music Festival as a photographer, I had to sign a standard waiver, but then also had to sign an additional waiver for Morrissey, which stated that if I took any photographs of Morrissey, or his show, all pictures belong to Morrissey & company, and I may not use, display, etc any of them for anything other than the publication I represented at the event (once, and only within 12 months).  After the 12 months, I must surrender my “negatives” (I’m not sure how that works in the now digital world) to Morrissey & company.   His show was certainly decent, except when he walked off stage.  Near the end of his show, he apparently smelled BBQ, cooking meat.  He is so vehemently vegan, that he walked off stage in protest.   Anyway, here is a picture from his show with appropriate censoring:

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