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Book Review: The Bridges Of Madisson County

The Bridges of Madison County by Robert James Waller

This is a mini book review – I am by no means trying to profess some great literary knowledge or book reviewing skills; rather its just my basic thoughts about the book.

I picked up this book because for two reasons: it was on sale, and I’ve heard it mentioned many times in the past.  I knew nothing about the book, and reading the jackets quick overview of the book, i gathered that it was about Robert Kinkaid, the (late) old famous National Geographic photographer.

After telling a friend that I was going to read it, he said “Thats the ‘chick-flick’ of books”.  I guess he was right, if you consider a tale (based on fact) about a love affaird “chick-flick”.  Bridges is about a hot steamy love affair between a nomad-photographer and an itallian-born-then-become-Iowan-farmwife that lasted only 4 days in person, but their whole lives in their hearts.  Regardless of the inproprieties, it’s a touching story that actually left me in tears at the end.  I guess I’m a sucker that way.

I was hoping for more photography, and less romance, but it was still an enjoyable read.   It’s also quite a short and quick read.

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