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About z2e.org/blog

Welcome to z2e.org/blog..

I doubt you’re really wondering what this is, so if you’re reading this perhaps you’re wondering “why?”

BECAUSE I WANT TO :> I’ll basically be posting various pictures from things that I see or do.   The posts that are from Red Carpet events, or concerts or other shows are generally taken with my EOS 20D.  Those taken from trips or random parties/things are probably taken with a small Nikon Coolpix.  Random things are often taken with my iPhone, and I’m sure you’ll notice the difference in quality.

So I guess maybe it should be called a “plog” since its mostly pictures.. or maybe I’ll just go with zlog 🙂

ALL PICTURES ON THIS SITE ARE TAKEN BY ME AND ARE copyright erik@z2e.org You may not use them for any purpose without express written consent from me.

You can see my main site here:   https://z2e.org

THIS SITE LOOKS BEST WITH FIREFOX 🙂  but not so bad in safari, IE7 or Opera.


~ Erik ~

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There are 4 Comments to "About z2e.org/blog"

  • boo says:

    I love it! 🙂 Its very nicely laid out!

  • Leslie Aday says:

    Dear Eric,
    You have published a photo of Meat Loaf. It claims to be with his wife Leslie. It is not. It is his recently married wife Deborah Gillespie.
    I am Leslie Aday, Meat’s first wife. We were married February 23, 1979 and divorced December 22, 2004. Just two months short of twenty five years.We have two daughters, Pearl, age 35…and Amanda, age 30. You can see an authentic photograph of me on facebook. Please correct this mistake.
    Thank you in advance for your consideration.
    Leslie Aday, Beverly Hills, California

  • z2e says:


    I’m so sorry about the error. It is now is fixed.

  • Erik says:

    this is a test of new captcha system





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